World emoji day



Every year World Emoji Day falls on 17th July. In 2014 Jeremy Burge created this World Emoji Day. The day is celebrated to encourage people to use emoji for the interaction with people digitally.

For making conversations more lively , we use emojis. Before the emoji comes as the part of conversation, there were emoticons. ‘Emoticons’— the word has come from the words ‘emotion’ and ‘icon’. There after, it was developed as an expression of emotions in the texts. Now a days, emojis are the one of the most important ways of communication globally.

Emoji day

There are two types of communication. They are verbal and nonverbal communication. Emojis are the part of nonverbal communication. In modern society, nonverbal communication is very important. From fax, telegram, letter to instant messaging, there has been a revolutionary change in how people communicate with each other. Smartphones, one of the greatest boons of the 21st century, in some cases has virtually eliminated the need of communicate with words. Long sentences expressing happiness, anger, surprise, or sadness have been reduced to miniature yellow faces , familiar as emojis.

This way of communication is very popular and interesting specially for netigens. Emojis give a charming dimension in regular monotonous conversations. Emojis has snatched the title of world’s fastest growing language. Billions of users are using billions and billions of emojis through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and so on. Observing the increasing usage and significance of emojis, all the social networking sites have been producing new characters and modifications to their existing emojis to make them more attractive.

So considering the use of it widely , world Emoji day celebration is really a pleasurable approach. This day is observed by people all over the world sharing their favourite emojis on social media and participating emoji-themed various events.


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