12th july


12th July:

12th July, the very day has a great Importance in the calendar of India as well as in the world. The day is observed as Malala day and Paper Bag day . So one by one here we will provide you the information about the relevance of these two days.

Malala Day

Malala Yousafzai is a noble laureate from Swat Valley, Pakistan. 12th July is her birthday. This extraordinary girl has been spending her life fighting for the rights of children and women education. This female education activist was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 at the age of 17.

She is the world’s youngest Nobel Prize winner. She was shot in 2012 as she opposed the Taliban restrictions on female education in Pakistan. Then taking inspiration and support from her father, she fought a big battle for the rights of children and girls’ education. Girls’ education is important in every step of life and society. Educated women can lead a quality life compared to the uneducated women. 

malala day

They earn well, marry at a proper age and can educate the next generation of her family. An educated woman can decrease the rate of child marriage, domestic abuse in the society. Malala Yousafzai is a brave woman who never covers her face to convey the message that self identity and self respect is very important thing. She told, “ I don`t cover my face because I want to show my identity.” So to pay tribute for her works for the rights of women education throughout the world, her birthday that is 12th July is celebrated as Malala day annually.

Paper Bag Day

12th July is recognized as the Paper Bag Day. Today’s world where it has been flooded with plastic bags, paper Bag can save the earth. Plastic bags are synonymous with the destruction of environment. It is made of such a thing that doesn’t mix with soil. Besides, paper Bag is an eco friendly object.

paper bag

Paper bag day is observed to raise awareness about the negative effects that plastic bags and encourages people to use to more suitable alternatives such as paper bags. Use of paper bags is really good for environment which are easily recyclable and it helps to reduce plastic waste. Plastic bags don’t decompose that causes environment pollution. 

 When the whole world is facing problem due to plastic Wastes, at that time celebration of Paper bag day may bring some ray of hope to have a better place to live in. Even to make people aware about the importance of paper bags, a lot of initiatives have been taken from Pollution Control Board. A number of camps , campaigns are taking place to cut down the usages of plastic bags.

Considering all the important features of paper bags and the harmful effects of plastic bags, 12th July has been recognized as the World Paper Bag Day. Now this paper bags are used for carrying goods after shopping, packing etc. So the day is celebrated religiously throughout the world just to gift the next generation a pleasant planet to stay.

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