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Silent Reading Movement


There is a very famous proverb that ‘reading makes a man complete’. Reading is an active process. It helps us to guess what the text will say next and to widen our knowledge. Now a days people are be coming quite familiar with the term ‘Silent Reading Movement’.

What is silent reading:

It is such a type of reading that is done silently, or without voicing the words being read and moving the lips. And ‘Silent Reading Movement’ is nothing but a very innovative drive where people will get the scope to read silently without any interruption from others. When people read anything silently, it helps them to concentrate more on that particular topic.

Benefits of Silent Reading:

Silent reading has a lots of benefits in our day today life. Like-

  • It is a kind of private reading where readers can focus on the topic with full concentration.
  • Here readers combine their visual and phonetic skills that helps to complete the text faster than the loud reading.
  • Silent Reading convey the message to the readers that it is a personal activity.
  • It helps to understand better.
  • It is a natural process that is less tiring than loud reading.

Importance of silent reading movement:

Silent reading movement has an immense importance in present era. Now a days sounds are always there to break the concentration. Readers hardly get opportunities to read silently. So this initiative is being taken by many clubs, parks, or other organizations. Today life is really busy and there is lots of gazettes to break the attention. So this movement can help reader to give an ample scope to read silently without any interference.

Places where it has already been started:

Throughout the world it has been started and readers are participating in this movement whole heartedly. In a certain time, in a certain place they are going only to read silently. There are a lot of people but no one has the permission to talk with other or browse mobile, tablet or laptops. If one enters there, he or she can only read , read and read but not loudly. A calm, quiet and peaceful atmosphere prevails there that is enough to grasp attention on the lap of nature. From London, Boston ,Paris , Johannesburg to India, it has started everywhere. In India it has started in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata, Dehradun and other cities.


For the sake of mankind, to spend some screen free time, no approach can be better than this one. To have a healthy, stress free life reading helps us a lot. So we should welcome this movement from our inner core of heart.

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