April fool's day

APRIL FOOL’S DAY its significance as a day to celebrate with pranks, fun and jokes

April Fools’ Day


1st April is considered as April Fool’s Day. It is a day to celebrate with pranks, fun and practical jokes which is observed in many countries around the world. ‘Pranking’ or making any one fool is such a thing which means talk humorously for making amusement.


 On this day, people make pranks with their near and loved ones in a fan making way .  A good humour can’t cure all ailments, but laughter can do a lot. And laughing comes from such healthy pranks.

Not only that, laughter enhances intake of oxygen levels, stimulates heart, lungs and muscles. Laughter also makes it easier to overcome with the difficult situations. So, considering all these, April Fool’s Day is celebrated widely throughout the country and as well as in the world.  


 April Fool’s day is celebrated widely in many countries like: France, Italy, Sweden, England, Scotland, India, Russia, Greece etcetera. In India , the day is celebrated from British influence. It has always been known as a day for light hearted joking, where children were allowed play small pranks without getting into trouble for others .

The funs and pranks included things like replacing sugar with salt for tea or cooking, offering bitter syrup instead of liquor tea, sending blank letter or empty gift box etcetera. Now a days, the netizens post pranks on social media, such as making up silly news stories or trying to catch out their friends with jokes.


It is such a day that everyone can enjoy with out harming others. India celebrates this day with a variety of jokes and humorous programmes like many other countries. It may say that the day is just to have fun and make some sweet memories.

April fool's day

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