JAMAI sasthi

JAMAI SASTHI, traditional culture of Bengalis



Jamai Sasthi is one of the celebrated festivals of West Bengal. Bengali culture is incomplete without the festival ‘Jamai Sasthi’. On this day, the mothers-in-law perform Sasthi puja to make Goddess Sasthi happy and seek her blessings for  their sons-in-law and daughters as they can have a blessed life with prosperity. The day is celebrated in almost all the Bengali families with worshiping goddess Sasthi and then with delicious Bengali dishes. 

When and why the day is celebrated:

Jamai Shasti is celebrated on the sixth day of traditional Hindu calendar’s Jyestha month. It is one of the main traditional Bengali festivals of summer season. This day is celebrated to strengthen the bond between the son-in-law and mother-in-law.

Rituals for the day:

On this auspicious day, the son-in-law and daughter are treated with special care, love and affection. At first, they are welcomed by the daughter’s parents into the house. Then, keeping fasting, mother in law worships goddess Sasthi and she carries a an auspicious thali which contains durbo, grains,  a variety of fruits, sweets and new dresses for her son-in-law and daughter.

After that, the mother-in-law then sprinkles grains and durbo on the head of them and gives them her blessings. Then she makes a mark their head with curd and tie a yellow thread for his and her daughter’s prosperity and happiness. Then as breakfast variety of fruits, sweets and some Bengali delicacies are served to them.

Next comes the main attraction of the festival, the royal traditional Bengali lunch is served and as a ritual mother-in-law fans her son-in-law with Talpatar pakha. Son-in-law also carries various sweets, fruits and new dresses for all the members of his in-law’s house. 

Significance of the celebration of the day:

With all these, on this day, the son-in-law receives a warm welcome and both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are served nicely which prepares his mother-in-law. The exchange of gifts reflects the day’s true spirit. This festival celebrates family unity and togetherness. It aims to bring closer each other.

Jamai Sasthi

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