Women’s day

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY importance of the date of 8th March

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day has been observing since early 1900’s. Clara Zetkin is called the Father of this very Day. The day was held on March 8 for the first time in Germany. The cause of Germany’s observance was to recognise women’s right to vote, which German women did not get until 1918.

Now , the 8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day world wide. The day is celebrated to acknowledge women’s achievement and to raise awareness about discrimination . Since early years, the Day has undertaken a new global perspective for women in developed and developing countries.

This historic day is a public holiday in several countries like: Afghanistan, Armenia,  Belarus, Georgia, Germany etcetera that promotes the achievements of women in every sphere of life. In France the day is celebrated as International Women’s Rights Day. In Italy, this day is observed by men,  giving yellow mimosa flowers to women to show their honour and support for them.

In India, the day is celebrated to observe the cultural, social, political and economic achievements and contribution of women.  This year the theme of this day is “Inspire Inclusion,” that highlights the importance of valuing and empowering women. Purple, green and white are the colours of this Day. Among all these colours,  purple signifies justice, dignity and being loyal to the cause. Green symbolizes hope and white represents purity.

A circle with a cross handle is the most used symbol of the International Women’s Day. While the mimosas are the traditional International Women’s Day flower, that is given as ideal gifts on this important day to honour women. The main motto to observe this day pompously is to give respect all the women with love, happiness that they deserve. Celebration of  this Day cherishes the beauty, grace, and strength of women all around the world.

Women’s days

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