cultural heritage of west bengal

CULTURAL HERITAGE OF WEST BENGAL – filled with rich tradition, art, music and drama

Cultural Heritage of West Bengal

Introduction :

West Bengal is very much enriched with it’s cultural heritage . The state is decorated with its cultures like  : traditional art forms , rituals  , music, dance  , drama etcetera . All the cultural heritages are distinguished  their own characteristics and style. Kolkata , the capital of West Bengal is called the Cultural capital of India.

Heritage Art:

West Bengal is famous for it’s  art. Among all the arts, Dokra art is the most interesting, traditional and creative art of West Bengal. This type of art form can be seen mainly in the western part of West Bengal. The districts where it is spread are Bankura, Purulia , Midnapore and Burdwan. It is a metal art which is done upon statues, idols, jewellery and other objects with the help of molten metal , clay and wax. 

Heritage Painting :

West Bengal is famous for Bengal Patachitra. This painting is a traditional and mythological heritage of West Bengal  . There are different types of Patachitra in West Bengal  . They are Durga Patachitra, Chalchitra, Traibal Patachitra , Medinipur Patachitra , Kalighat Patachitra etcetera. The paintings are simple, elegant, colourful and traditional in style. 

Bengali Rituals :

West Bengal is such a state where people are very festive lover. They celebrate so many festivals. It is Land of Festivals . There is also a saying that there are 13 festivals in 12 months. The most important Bengali rituals are: Poila Boishakh, Jamai Shoshti, Rath Jatra, Durga pujo, Lokkhi pujo, Kali pujo, Bhai Phonta , Poush Parbon, Saraswati pujo etcetera .

Bengali Traditional Music:

Bengali music is very rich in it’s tradition . At first, it was started with Sanskrit chants and poetries and with span time , it modified its form.  The traditional Bengali musical genres are Baul, Kirtan, Shyama Sangeet, Prabhati Sangeet , Agamani, Gambhira, Bhatiali, Bhawaiya  etcetera . With the lyrics of these music , feelings or views towards any subject or situation is expressed .  These are unique heritage of Bengali folk music.

Dance Culture of West Bengal :

West Bengal is truly a fascinating state where people can experience cultural wealth in every steps. The folk dance of West Bengal is highly expressive. The various types of folk dances of West Bengal are Chhau, Santhali, Gambhira , Bratachari , Gajan etcetera. 

Drama of West Bengal :

Neel Darpan is the first Bengali play written by Dinabandhu Mitra in 1858. The folk theatre of West Bengal is known as Jatra. The word ‘jatra’ literally means journey or going. Through jatra, the lives of the contemporary society is expressed . 

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